Windows 11 Update on Release and Features

Nacho Mascort


Microsoft Continues To Hint at Windows 11 Launch

With Windows 10 reaching its 6th anniversary, it seems that Microsoft has finally decided to launch a new version and shelf the old one. After the announcement that the developer will no longer provide support after October 14, 2025, speculation continues to rise that we’ll see Windows 11 by the end of 2021. Nicknamed Sun Valley, we may hear more about the launch at an event towards the end of this month.

The Windows 10 end of life will appear after ten years of active service. We’re expecting a massive update for it later this year for those who aren’t ready to migrate to Windows 11. However, we’re unsure how many of the new operating system’s features will be included in the predecessor.

Of course, the tech world is abuzz with all the Microsoft easter eggs hinting at the launch of Windows 11. There’s the event that starts at 11AM ET, a window with the shadow of the number 11 on it, and a teaser video that’s 11 minutes long. We’re actually surprised there are only three hints at this stage and not 11.

While there’s no confirmation on the expected features, we’ve caught wind of some rumors. The most significant change will be a new user interface with loads of new icons. There’s also talk of rounded corners on windows to make them seem softer and more friendly. We’ll keep you updated if we hear about any changes to the core mechanics.

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