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Popular and powerful operating system

Windows 10 is an operating system that is specifically designed for PC devices and Microsoft equipment: the Surface tablet. Released in July 2015, the program is still consistently updated to include new features and fix issues. The OS upgrade enhances the user experience through aesthetic and practical improvements: accessibility, web browsing, etc.


Can I still download Windows 10 for free?

Users that have previous versions of the Windows operating software are able to update their systems to the Windows 10 program for free. To install the Windows 10 free upgrade, you just need to open the main menu in the lower-left corner of the desktop screen, as well as the settings icon to access the ‘Update & Security’ section.

If users cannot see the option to download the OS, then their device may not be ready for the update yet. To ensure that this is the case, you can click on the ‘Check for updates’ button. Microsoft has a tendency to gradually release its operating system functionality. This aspect can be unfavorable when there are impending issues that need adjustments.

How do I get Windows 10 on my computer?

While the devices may not automatically register the capacity to install the new operating system, the Microsoft Windows users can manually download the software onto their electronic equipment: computers, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets. If people purchase a new Microsoft PC device, then they will already have Windows 10 installed on that equipment.

Does Windows 10 have free Word?

One asset that Microsoft innately and uniquely has is the Microsoft Office 365 software package. Users that have Apple iOS and Mac devices often purchase the Microsoft suite to install onto their gadgets. The package includes professional-grade programs: Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.

These applications are imperative to have in collegiate and business environments because they are the industry standard that everyone uses. Windows 10 will preinstall these apps onto devices. This is an attractive advantage that Microsoft equipment has over other device options.

What apps does Windows 10 come with?

Aside from the Microsoft 365 array of applications, Windows 10 comes with the web browser: Edge. In previous updates, the Edge browser was included in the OS as a separate software. The internet browser is now inbuilt. Launched in January 2020, the Edge is a cross-platform app that is native to Microsoft Windows equipment. Additionally, Internet Explorer is included in the OS.

Like Google Chrome, the Edge browser is built on the Chromium platform. This fundamental aspect has made the Edge browser in the Windows 10 update the quickest internet browser that they have created. Microsoft progressively updates important aspects within the browser: the sync settings across devices.

There is a lengthy amount of extensions available within the web browsing application. Go to the Microsoft Edge extension page to scroll through and choose the preferred extensions. Users have the option to choose from a list of add-ons that are curated by the Microsoft team. The Google Chrome store is another resource that the Microsoft community can refer to for extension options.

To activate an add-on, you just click on the toggle bar next to the title. When the button is blue, then the apps are active within the browser: AdBlock, Zoom, etc. You can personalize the Edge app with free and easily accessible extensions. Users can enter into the extension preferences by clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner and selecting ‘Extensions’ from the dropdown menu.

The Microsoft dev center included a shortcut to display Edge tabs: Alt + Tab. By pressing on the Alt and Tab keys at the same time, the active internet tabs will appear on the same screen to allow people to easily navigate through them. If users do not like this setting, then they are able to disable the feature within the settings.

You can click on ‘System’ within the upper left corner and navigate to ‘Multitasking’ in the left panel to access the ‘Alt + Tab’ section. From within the dropdown, you can customize this action by selecting whether they want all, five, three, or none of the tabs in the Edge browser to open with the other windows on the device.

Learn the program: Windows 10

Within Windows 10, the standard ‘Start Menu’ has been altered. The new ‘Start Menu’ design does not include accent colors behind the icons nor text. The minimalistic design can be undesirable for those who are well acquainted with the previous ‘Start Menu’ aesthetic.

If users want to revert back to the previous design, then they can by entering into the settings and choosing the ‘Personalization’ button in the upper right corner. You can enter into the ‘Colors’ tab within the left panel and click on the first dropdown menu to navigate between the ‘Light’, ‘Dark’, and ‘Custom’ options. you can select the ‘Dark’ color theme to accentuate the icons within the ‘Start Menu’.

Alternative operating systems

Microsoft Windows 10 Home is not as secure as the Windows 10 Pro version. The developer’s decision to make the standard Windows 10 not as safe as the more expensive Windows Pro edition reveals that Microsoft’s safety standards are not adamantly strong for everyone. By opting for the Home version, people are excluded from BitLocker device encryption and Windows Information Protection.

Compared to Windows OS, Mac OS seamlessly connects multiple devices to the same account. Microsoft is beginning to improve their systems’ abilities to sync devices. The new task bar includes an icon for the phones that are connected to the Microsoft accounts.



Feature-filled OS

While Windows 10 offers users a multitude of interesting features, the fundamental software requires more attention. Imperative features like syncing capabilities can be released slowly. The platform does come with important native software: Microsoft Office Suite.

What’s new?

The Microsoft team is constantly providing software updates to their Windows Insider Program Members and the general public. You can visit their official website to be current on the recent releases.



  • Constant updates
  • Industry standard
  • A multitude of features
  • Personalization options


  • Insufficient syncing abilities
  • Standard version lacks safety

Program available in other languages

Windows 10

  • Trial version

  • In English
  • V 22H2
  • 3.6


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