Release date for Microsoft’s Windows 10 22H2 update finally confirmed

Russell Kidson


Microsoft’s focus is currently on Windows 11. However, that doesn’t mean they’ve forgotten about the fan favorite that made Windows 11 possible. In fact, the company has now finally confirmed that Windows 10 will be getting its very own 22H2 update in October.

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Unfortunately, if you’re expecting to be wowed by brand-new features that will justify your decision to stick with the aging OS and not move to the younger, more intuitive Windows 11, you’re likely going to be disappointed. While Windows 10 is getting a major update, it likely won’t be anything like the Windows 11 22H2 update. Microsoft has stated, in no uncertain terms, that it is no longer working on adding new features to Windows 11 and that its focus has now completely shifted to Windows 11.

Release date for Microsoft’s Windows 10 22H2 update finally confirmed

This makes sense, as Windows 11 is the operating system that will carry the company into a new era of technological innovation. As we head into a more connected time with a higher focus on virtual services and markets, Microsoft needs an OS that can support this new forecast of the future. Windows 10 is still an incredible OS that has become ingrained in modern society, but it simply isn’t where the future of the company, or technology on the whole lies. 

So if the new update isn’t going to be as feature-rich as its Windows 11 counterpart, what will it entail? Well, you should expect a few quality-of-life changes, but the update will likely focus more on security upgrades and bug fixes. This is similar to what happened with Windows 7 before it was phased out and eventually discontinued.

Release date for Microsoft’s Windows 10 22H2 update

The now-defunct OS also went through a changeover period during which the only updates issued were simply to keep users safe on the internet and to address any bugs. This same is happening to Windows 10. This is Microsoft’s way of nudging you toward Windows 11 before support for Windows 10 ends in 2025. 

We’re going to follow Microsoft’s lead and try to encourage you to make the switch to Windows 11. Why? Because Windows 11 is the OS for the modern machine. Additionally, Windows 11 has years ahead of feature updates, brand-new capabilities, more intuitive functionality, and likely a few styling refreshes. In an effort to make the most compelling case for switching over before it becomes a prerequisite, here is an overview of the brand-new Windows 11 update.

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