Upgrade Your Windows 10 Experience With These 5 Utilities!

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So, you went ahead and made the switch to Windows 10, and now you’re looking to make the most out of the experience with great tools and utilities. Great move! Windows 10 is a radical step towards the next generation of personal computer operating systems. Along with the return of the massively popular Start menu and the powerful accessibility afforded by the cloud, Windows 10 should be a great experience for you. Here are the top tools and utilities to get the most out of Microsoft’s latest and greatest OS.

1. iTools for Windows

If you are a user stuck in the middle between the realms of Apple iOS and Microsoft Windows, iTools for Windows gives you the ability to manage all of your content and applications on your iOS devices right from Windows. This is a one-stop shop for storing and managing media files (like video, music, books, and photos), and it also has tools for installing and uninstalling applications. You can even use iTools as a backup solution, filing system, and storage for your iOS devices.

Upgrade Your Windows 10 Experience With These 5 Utilities!

2. Disk Drill Windows Data Recovery

Have you ever deleted an important file (or perhaps an entire folder) by accident and then emptied your recycling bin without thinking? Or, have you had an antivirus program delete one of your important files or folders because it thought the file was malicious? Maybe you can’t even find it using Windows system restore or other solutions. That’s what Disk Drill Windows Data Recovery is designed to solve. It’s a program to allow you to recover missing or deleted data or files and works with more than 200 different types of Windows files.

3. DirectX 11

DirectX 11 (which is often abbreviated as DX11) is a collection of drivers that are distributed by Microsoft and provide a better audio and visual experience for Windows users. While this tool is awesome for all users who use their systems for music, movies, or other audio and video activities, it’s especially helpful for improving the gaming experience on your PC.

4. SHAREit

As the name would indicate, SHAREit gives you the ability to transfer files from one type of device to another, such as from a mobile device like your phone, tablet, or notebook computer to another computer, phone, or tablet. SHAREit works via a direct Wi-Fi connection and is capable of sending all types of files, including pictures and images, videos, apps and software, and more.

5. WinRAR

If you regularly work with RAR and/or ZIP files, WinRAR is a tool that allows you to create, open, compress, or decompress RAR and ZIP files. Compression saves space on your hard drive, but also makes files you need to transfer or share smaller so that they can be stored on a thumb drive or sent via email. You can even choose to protect your compressed file using 256-bit AES encryption.

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