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Quick Tech Tips! #1 The Windows 10 Calculator

Patrick Devaney


Our computers and cell phones are modern-day Swiss Army knives. The problem is that we don’t even know all the wizardry we can conjure from those tiny technological rectangles. With that in mind, we’ll be bringing you Quick Tech Tips that’ll introduce you to some of the best-kept secrets to your life a lot easier.

Get more from the Windows 10 Calculator

The Windows 10 Calculator is here to help you get stuff done! It can do so much more than help you with basic (or sometimes advanced) calculations. The Windows 10 Calculator puts a whole host of conversion tools at your fingertips, including currency for when you’re traveling abroad.

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All you have to do to access the calculator’s conversion tools is click the menu on the top left. There, you’ll find a long list of all the different things it can help you convert. Cooking a meal from a European recipe? No problem. You can quickly and easily convert weight and mass grams to ounces. Can’t figure out how hot it is when you hear it in Celsius? Three simple clicks will help you get the weather in Fahrenheit. The calculator can even convert less common measurements like energy from kilowatts into horsepower and degrees of an angle into radians.

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All in all, the calculator can help you convert 13 different types of measurement from one unit to another. It also has four different calculator modes including Date Calculation, Scientific, and Programmer. Check out the Windows 10 Calculator now! It can do a lot more than you thought it could.

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