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How to turn on Bluetooth in Windows 10

Patrick Devaney


Bluetooth is the seemingly magical technology that has taken us from the wired past into a wireless future. Thanks to Bluetooth we can run all sorts of wireless devices on our mobile phones, tablets, Macs, and PCs. I’m writing this very guide using a Bluetooth keyboard, in fact. Bluetooth is everywhere and isn’t just limited to keyboards. You can also get your hands on Bluetooth headphones, speakers, mice, and a whole host of other devices.


With Windows 10, Microsoft has made it easier than ever to connect Bluetooth devices to your Windows PC. Let’s look at how to do it.

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How to find Bluetooth settings in Windows 10

Before you can connect a Bluetooth device to your Windows 10 PC, you’ll need to turn on Bluetooth. To do this you have to:

1. Hit the Windows key and I together to open up the Windows 10 Settings menu. You can also open up Settings by clicking the Start button and hitting the Settings icon, which looks like a cog.

The Windows 10 Settings menu

2. Once you’ve opened Settings you need to hit Devices and then Bluetooth and other devices.

3. In the Bluetooth menu, you’ll see a toggle button. Hit this button to the on position and your Windows PC will be discoverable to other Bluetooth devices.

Bluetooth button on Windows 10

Another way to activate Bluetooth on your Windows 10 PC is to use the Action Center on the right of your screen. To do this you need to:

1. Move your mouse cursor to the bottom right-hand corner of your desktop and click the message icon to open up the action center.

The Windows 10 Action Panel

2. Here you’ll find many options for controlling various aspects of your PC, including a Bluetooth button.

3. Right-clicking this button will toggle Bluetooth on and off. If you left-click this button it will give you the option to open the full Bluetooth settings menu.

The bluetooth menu on Windows 10

How to connect a Bluetooth device to your Windows 10 PC

Once you’ve turned Bluetooth on, you’ll be able to connect your Windows PC to other peripheral devices. To do this you:

1. Go to the Bluetooth settings menu using one of the methods outlined above.

2. Turn on the Bluetooth device you want to connect to your PC and make sure it is discoverable to other devices.

Add Bluetooth Device

3. On your Windows PC in the Bluetooth settings menu click Add Bluetooth or other device.

4. Click Bluetooth and your PC will begin searching for discoverable Bluetooth devices in the area. Once it finds your device, click on it to pair it with your PC.

Securitry code for Windows bluetooth pairing

Depending on the device you’re pairing with your PC, you may need to carry out some sort of security procedure. For example, my Bluetooth keyboard requires that I enter a numerical code before I can pair with my PC.

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